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E-Commerce Payment Systems - Learn E-Commerce in simple and easy steps It is a very popular electronic payment method to transfer money from one bank. E - payment methods could be classified into two areas, which are: is growing fast and credit cards are still the most popular online payment method. Read the. E - Payment Methods Group no. 4 Muhammad Irfan Shahid 12 Rooha Mukhtar 16 Course: Electronic-Commerce University of Education, Okara.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For your small business to open its website to a world of potential customers, you must be ready to accept online payment for your merchandise. E-Mail wurde erfolgreich gesendet! Although there are certain legislative regulations regarding the operation of payment systems, this type of electronic payment system is still the easiest one to implement for e-business. To use e-cash, link your personal bank account to other payee accounts or set up an e-cash account using a centralized system, such as PayPal, and link it to your personal bank account. e payment types If the vendor has the mobile billing capability, the consumer's mobile account or credit card is charged for the purchase. The vendor authorizes payment through the customer's bank, which then either initiates an electronic funds chip games free EFT or prints a check and mails it to the vendor. Make Order - Affiliate program - Fees - Check Status - Payment Systems - Articles - Reserve - Tutorials. Electronic checks have the same functions as the paper ones: Still, one of the most popular payment methods are credit and debit card payments, but people also choose some alternatives or local payment methods. E-Check, a digital version of an old paper check. After checking the authenticity kako se igra book of ra a digital signature, the funds are transfered to the payee.


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